The Australian HUNTER 660 uses a few parts that were also used on the VG Valiant and Chrylser Centura. This included the Grille, steering wheel and steering column extension along with the  headlights.


This is the first 660 Royal that I purchased, It is now in a mates shed, as I will continue restoration sometime in the future. The front end (suspension) has been totally renewed, so that cost is at least out of the way. KENT ENGINEERING in Adelaide did all that for me. Very quick work also.

 This car, although a genuine 660, did not have the original twin carb motor in it. and unfortunately, only 3 rostyle wheels could be found when I purchased it.  I just could not find at least 1 more to make up the 4 required for many years..Well, that is a different story now, as I have at least 4 complete sets of these factory issued 660 (rostyle) rims now!!!




This WAS the best HUNTER that I had ever owned, and it was the Second 660 royal I had purchased, The original owner had done a respray on the 660, and put a red vinyl roof covering on it. He left off the "royal" badges, and also the "pentastar" badge on the front LH guard and the "3 spires" badge on the grille was missing.

 He made up for those short comings when he gave me lots of spares, which included quite a few 660 factory rims!!!In Feb 2004, just a few months after my long trip to the NT,  unfortunately, I wrote it off when my front right hand tyre blew out.. I totally stripped it of all running gear, and sent the bent-up body to the metal scrap yard. 


 I know first hand just how solid the HUNTER is after that horrible accident...I walked away unscathed (physically anyway!!)

This is the third 660 ROYAL that I have Bought. It is in very good condition, An old lady (84 yrs) owned it, and did not drive it around much. Very lucky to still have all the original wheels, engine etc. and eventually I will restore it. This picture was taken the day my son Peter (pictured) got his learners permit for driving a car!



           Tail light layout of Australia's HE -                     The H &  Sceptre Bonnet icon unique to Australia-             660  Badge Unique to Australian Hunters          


Use is made of the H/Sceptre badges on the door trims in the 660.

The layout of the 660 Walnut dash. An excellent compliment to this great car!




Compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005