Coober Pedy - Cadney Pk - Marla - NT/SA Border- Kulgera - Erldunda (overnight) - AYRES ROCK



We arrive at Cadney Park, a roadhouse in the middle of "nowhere".. Lots of big satellite dishes here, the proprietor of the roadhouse is a satellite TV buff, but he was not around during our fleeting visit, so I was unable to check it all out! Lots of trucks parked here, and a few pulled in...known as ROAD TRAINS, 'cos of the length of them. I came to appreciate the extra power of my 660 when I passed a few on the open road. As you can see in the right hand pic., The truck was pulling 3 trailers!

We hit the road again, and make it to a small township called Marla..

Out in front of the roadhouse at Marla, we were "greeted" by this almost unrecognizable Ford Probe, which as you can see was a mess!

It was placed adjacent to the highway to remind motorists of the danger associated with speeding. It was said that the 2 occupants were doing 180km p/h when the driver lost control. Apparently the pair perished in the nasty crash. It makes you stop and think, and there is a strong sense of feeling vulnerable on the roads.


After this sobering sight, we get away again, and the next stage of our trip takes us all the the SA-NT border..

Well, I ran to the Northern Territory!!!! and looked back across at all the southerners!!!... Time to get my Hunter and bring it across. It was still interstate!!

Look below to see what pulled up on the South Australian side of the border, whilst we indulged in all the fanfare of making it to the Northern Territory at last....


This shows the length of these ROAD-TRAINS.. It took me 5 mins. to walk down one side of it hehehe!!! Would you believe it.. This brute has 74 tyres!!. The prime mover is a Kenworth with a 600 hp engine.


We Venture north again, passing straight through the township of Kulgera, and make it to the OPEN SPEED LIMIT signage.. I passed the Charger and VG pacer, and got my Hunter up to 170km p/h according to the GPS speed. I bought it back to 165km p/h  The Engine was doing 4,700 RPM at 165 km p/h. Arriving at ERLDUNDA. seemed to happen rather quickly...The 660 was just excellent. That was exhilarating folks!.

 We pre booked to stay one night here, as we planned to head west early tomorrow morning to Ayres Rock (Ularu)

Fuel was a "bit" pricey at $1:22 a litre!  Anyway I filled the Hunter up in readiness for the 400 odd km trip west to "the rock".

There is MOUNT CONNOR, and the sand hills were becoming redder and bigger.. Desolate country, but a beauty that has to be seen to really be appreciated.

Where is this "rock" that seems to be world famous??

WHAT A MAGNIFICENT SIGHT!! truly remarkable and well worth the drive north! BUT, Did I say I HAD to climb it..It is BIGGER than what I thought.. How the hell will I climb that at my age? (and I am ONLY 41 hehe)

I figure, that the best way to get something done, is to...erhhh erhhh... begin...So off I went!!

Bloody hard "YACKA" folks,  I took my time...(about 3 hours)

Looking down.........                       LOOKING UP!!!!......Looking out...               There are the OLGAS..approx. 35 km away!

This is very strenuous...Fred Diwell of whom is almost twenty years my senior, had disappeared up the ROCK and did not seem to be put off by the very steep incline!

I guess I am not as fit as I thought I was...must  be those dreaded cigarettes!

That Chain was sure handy. I don't think most people would actually make it to the top without that

This stagnant pool atop the rock.. I was not that thirsty! Splendid views in 360 degrees

WELL...I finally made it to the top... Wow!! an amazing experience well worth the energy (lack there of  hehehe)

It is an experience that I shall remember fondly for the rest of my life. Awe inspiring really!

I could just make out MOUNT CONNOR at 89km distant from up here!! not bad visibility.

The Olgas were clearly visible, as the distance is approx 35km


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Pictures taken with a Kodak DC3800 (2.1Mp) digital camera

Story and pictures, webpages by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005