After that VERY strenuous bit of memorable exercise it was  time to head into the resort of ULARA, were we planned to stay over 3 nights, so that we could see the "ROCK" at dawn and dusk.

I planned on many more visits, returning near dusk for some pictures. The first time for several days, it actually became overcast, so that put paid to any decent sunset shots of Ayres Rock today. I slept like a log that night.. but needed to get up and head out to the rock for some "dawn" shots.. Hell 2degrees C...cold brrrr!! ....oh well the heater in the 660 warmed me up enroute.. Great..NO Clouds above this morning.  I could not believe the amount of people present out here in this desert near a humungous "rock" 100s of people all clambering, jostling for a suitable vantage point to view what was about to unfold!



Using my "pseudo" time lapse photography (1 pic. every 45 secs) you can see the beauty oozing from Ayres Rock as the morning sun creeps over the eastern horizon..

These pictures can NEVER replace the actual event, as the rock appears as if it is a giant globule of soft plastic. The colours are just sensational.

This is a natural wonder of the world, but as I was later to find out, THE OLGA's are, in my opinion, Just as spectacular as the "rock"

I met up with Fred Diwell, driving his SAFARI station wagon, and proceeded to follow him to the magnificent OLGA's west by 30 odd kilometres.

OK, Fred and Enlong,  LEAD the way!!!

These stunning natural "monuments" are getting closer.. Just a brilliant sight...

Fred applies the anchors of his Safari, and gets out of the car, and starts taking his shoes off? I was wandering what was happening.. OK he wanted a few pictures of the OLGA's  He was alright then!! Thank God hehehe.


Back on the road again.. Are we there yet? I asked myself....


I stopped again myself, because of the absolutely stunning, scenic and stark beauty that was before me.. A lizard scampered away, so fast that he just disappeared before I could snap a picture of it. He just left these tiny tracks in the bright orange sand.

Awe inspiring! The Olga's really did grab me, such magnificent rugged and almost eerie beauty out here in Central Australia.

As the "rock" had done, this place is so remarkable

I will let the picture do the "talking"


Bush art? Magnificent Mulga seats at the parking bay near the entrance to the OLGA's. We

decide to take a walk into the OLGA's and as we soon find out, it is well worth the effort. Besides, It is NOT like that darn climb I did a few days ago!!!



These natural wonders are made of CONGLOMERATES of various sized rocks that have been compressed over millions of years, and the erosion over possibly the same amount of time has left for us all with these natural marvels. Totally unlike the sandstone that Ayres Rock consists of..

Very much darker in colour, and by all accounts just unable to reflect the dawn and dusk sunlight like the "rock" does.


Recently a fire had swept through, and as Fred is showing, the damaged signage had not been replaced. I can understand why Indigenous Australians have an affinity with this land, Pictures just cannot convey the stark, magnificent beauty possessed by this country, and these huge rocks!

It is like an Oasis this place, and I get a strong feeling of belonging.. weird really.. excellent plants, flowers and there is even permanent water in here..

I will never forget this place.. It has left an indelible mark in my mind.. More so than Ayres Rock has.

we are NEARLY there!! the chasm opens out to a spectacular view "inside" the Olga's

We arrive back at the parking bay, after the relatively easy 8-10 Km walk, to find some of the others in our group, so it is smoko time... the 660 takes me onto PART -V-

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Pictures were taken with a Kodak DC3800 (2.1Mp) digital camera

Story, pictures and webpage compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005