The overcast sky that was present yesterday wich is just as well,  was all but totally clear... No clouds seen at all, so it looks good for some sunset pictures of Ayres Rock. I decided to make my way out to the parking bay a few hours before the proposed "rush" got under way.. Well, that ploy did prove to be worthwhile, as I was the only person there when I arrived. It did not take too long though, as this car park started getting very, very busy.. Buses had a separate vantage point, 'cos there was no spare places to park the closer it got to dusk..



Well, just fantastic this place.. If you have never been to Ayres Rock, DO IT NOW! you certainly will not forget it.


Up before dawn again this morning, But no need to show MORE dawn shots of the "rock", but returning to Ulara, I see Mt. Olga off in the distance.


This Resort in the desert, seems like it has been built with absolute minimal degradation to the surrounding bushland, as depicted.

It is an ultra modern village, world standard, and an international airport is not too far away. I did not see the airport, but saw a few large jets though.

We all leave ULARU, with a view to driving the Km's to KINGS CANYON.

CAMEL treks from Mount Connor station.. Naw, I like the comfort of the 660, so I settled for this picture instead.

More Rugged Scenery enroute to Kings Canyon.

With approx. 30km to the Kings canyon area, we pull into this stop, A helicopter ready to fly tourists over..Once again, I REALLY enjoy the comfort of my 660!!!

Gus was having overheating problems with his VG pacer... turns out that a spark plug was crook...

We arrive safely at Kings Canyon, and after a smoko break, decide as a group to the walk into the canyon. This harsh, rugged country is just incredible..

The exquisite wildflowers are in abundance here in Kings Creek..




Where else would you rather be?.. Just spectacular!

Yet another Oasis out in what is called the "never-never".

The sun sets on another fulfilling day as we look towards the area where Kings Canyon is, as viewed from the resort of the same name.

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Pictures taken using a Kodak DC3800 (2.1Mp) digital camera.

Story, Pictures and webpage compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005