Next morning, we check out our cars, filled up with fuel etc, in anticipation of the journey to Alice Springs.

You realise that it would have cost me $70:50 or so to fill up the 55 litre fuel tank in the 660 here at Kings Canyon resort?  That is why I bought 40 litres of fuel with me in the two Jerry cans. It did represent a big cost saving, considering fuel was 85 cents a litre "down south".

I have a look under Tim's R/T 4 Valiant Charger bonnet.!! 3 Weber 45DCOE carbs!



We all check our oil, water and other things for each of our cars before we leave Kings Canyon resort. The other tour participants had pre-booked accommodation in Alice Springs, so that was where they are going, as opposed to me, I was going to Ti Tree, several hundred kilometres north of Alice Springs. I planned to meet up with them when I returned to Alice Springs in a day or so.

Alice Springs, then Ti Tree here I come.


This desert is so full of life.. stunning, hearty wildflowers adorn the harsh landscape.


About 100 KM's south of Kings Canyon, I see this RF data linking repeater station, and there were people there!! Being a "radio nut" I made a detour in to "suss" out what they were actually doing. One fellow was hard at work at the top of the tower. NO THANKS... the old saying: the firma the less terror = TERRA FIRMA!!

The power source for this essential service.. No mains power out here.


A radio tech, hard at work installing some new RF modules.

The 660 was just perfect, was going very well indeed. Here it is parked adjacent to the radio data linking tower guys.


This rocky outcrop greets me on the southern side of the "gap" , a natural break in the MacDonnell Ranges.

I filled up the 660 with fuel, and basically passed straight through Alice Springs, because I had planned to go further north to Ti Tree.

Ti Tree is a very small township, consisting of a roadhouse, caravan park and accommodation for the traveler.

It is also the place were my Cousin Fiona was working. I had not seen Fiona for almost 17 years! and wanted to catch up with her.

We did catch up, and she organized some "cheap" accommodation for me..$85 for a single "atco" hut room. Normally $100 plus she said!

Per night that is!

A monument put in place at the roadside to commemorate the death of Japanese participants in the "Cannonball" run, at this spot, they last control of their expensive sports car and were killed as a result.

If you look closely at the picture above, you will see a DINGO, the wild dog of mostly Australia's interior as its habitat.

First Dingo that I have seen for 20 plus years.. They are a lot rarer down south in the Flinders Ranges, where I grew up.

A stunning picture of a termite nest. These structures are "rock" hard... I guess they are "baked" in the harsh and very warm heat of the day. I reckon if you ran into one with a car, it would do lots of serious damage.


Just imagine the HARD WORK needed to build these houses and outbuildings when this country was opened up by the early settlers. And there was a very real threat of being speared to death by Aborigines.  Built to house the TELEGRAPH gear, that linked Darwin 1500km to the North and Adelaide 1700Km due south. This life line was known as the "OVERLAND TELEGRAPH"

Very good to see that there is a renovation program in place to preserve this early Australian history

The Barrow Creek telegraph station was built as a fortress almost. The grave stone depicts the death of two early settlers of whom was killed by Aborigines.

A few pictures of the local indigenous population, of whom had a "camp" set up on the opposite side of the Stuart highway from the Barrow Creek hotel

They appeared to have just cars as dwellings. obviously a permanent camp, based on the well worn path.

On the highway south, I wanted to get a few pictures of the TROPIC of CAPRICORN median marker. Not far to go now, My next stop is ALICE SPRINGS

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ALL Pictures were taken with a KODAK DC3800 Digital camera (2.1Mp)

Story, Pictures and webpage Compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005