During my trip south from Ti Tree to Alice Springs, I could see construction gangs working on the Alice to Darwin railway line. After almost a century of beauracratic stalling etc, a consortium finally was formed to construct the railway, which links Australia's southern cities with Darwin. 

As I entered Alice Springs, I spotted the Austin 1800 ute, so I knew that the NSW contingent had got here. I followed the ute, and met up with them all.

Everything was going well with everybody, and no problems with any of our cars.

As a collective group, we made an executive decision to head out and go through the TRANSPORT HALL of FAME


There is so much stuff here.. I reckon we were here for 3-4 hours!! Old "road trains" as above and motorbikes, cars... EVERYTHING!!!


Interesting "8 wheel drive" military vehicle, used  for survey work many years ago. Quite a monstrosity, when you see the size of it compared to the "blitz" to the right hand side


All manner of prime movers..   Older, and some not so old..  Look at this Karrier ..Rootes built..

Lots of the old faithful "jalopies" here also. WELL WORTH A VISIT.

There is such a huge amount of restoration work required, and more and more vehicles are being donated. They are always looking for volunteers.


I just had to get a few pictures of the Todd River, which as you can see is totally dry at this stage.


Time for the visit to the OLD TELEGRAPH- POST OFFICE. My Cousin Brenton and his wife lease these buildings from the NT dept. heritage.

Articulately restored, built in the harsh outback of Australia, the location is just fantastic. lots of trees, grass, and places to sit in the shade, and very interesting to see all the Telegraphy equipment, used as the only way of communicating.  This "out post" 5 or so km from Alice Springs, was the focal point of communicating with the "outside" world.. And is the same set up that Barrow Creek several hundred km's to the north of Alice Springs has.



Very much a major tourist attraction in Alice Springs, It was overflowing with bus loads of tourists.




Picture quality aside, these depict some equipment, including morse keys and sounders.


Well set out, and shows in reasonable detail "what it was like" back then.

Thought I would take a look at Alice Spings from ANZAC hill. Time to go and see a radio friend Jeff Farmer (VK8GF) as that is where I am staying whilst here in A.S.

I went to Jeff's  business, An Electronics, R.F. and Satellite sales, service and installation place. He covers a huge area, as you would expect.


Jeff could not wait to show me his Triumph 5A spitfire.. Very nice indeed. Jeff and Jan are committee members of the Central Australian Car Club also.

I enjoyed looking at some of Jeff's "homebrew" ham radio stuff, a lot of which he made as an apprentice when he worked at 5DN in Adelaide.

Jeff's Father Max, Used to manufacture 2 way radios, and they were sold as FARMERS RADIOS..

Pioneers of mobile radio communications in Adelaide etc.

 Jeff and his Partner Jan made me feel very welcome, and Jeff showed my some interesting things over the time I was there. "Anzac Hill" Jeff said, "I will show you Alice from up there!" as he pointed towards the MacDonnell ranges... "up there were those big towers are!"

I was chaffing at the bit in anticipation, but had to wait till tomorrow.....

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Pictures taken with a Kodak DC3800 (2.1Mp) digital camera

Story, pictures and webpages compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005