This is now one rare Australian CAR.

There are 5 known examples....

Fred's#117, mine is #149, Sully has #698, John has # and Frank in QLD has #193

Does anyone know how many where made?

Rostyle wheels where available as factory accessories, and the Hustler actually had the "long" centre console as installed in the UK built Hunters, so that has proven to be a very unique part of the Hustler, as NO other Aussie Hunter had the long centre console installed. They would have been a great accessory for the 660 Royal for instance.

H U S T L E R decals shown on the RHS of the Boot! This set of Decal's are not as the original ones are.


This Hustlers Original grille is getting refurbished, as seen below, the Hustlers grille had a "Pacer" look about it.

This is my Hustler as located in this condition., and in time I will restore this car.

The bonnet paint (black) has severely faded, but it is all original, and complete.

Last registered in 1984, it has sat untouched in this semi enclosed shed on a farm near Cootamundra NSW since.

I have found the Original owner, and he is a senior coach with the Australian Women's Hockey Team.

This car was seen daily, driving around Gundagai NSW back in the early 1980's.  It will be totally restored to absolute original condition. The thought of driving this VERY RARE part Australian motoring history is a huge inspiration to get it back to original condition.

It has been totally stripped, and I am in contact with several restoration bussinesses.


The Engine is of course the alloy head 1725cc that where also in the GT and 660 Royal Hunters

The Side decals/stripes etc as depicted. There is also pin striping treatment along the mud guard, door tops and the rear quarter ex factory.

These are visible on the sales brochures, and above on #149.

A rare Australian Car...

Adverting material for the Hustler

The Famous paint "job" known as VITAMIN C!





Thanks to Sully in WA for some of the original pictures.


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