Scott Allen SA

HCCofSA Member Scott Allen's HE hunter tricked up as a 660, The time and effort that Scott has put in is indeed a credit to him.. Just look at this Engine!! Excellent Scott

I took the above photographs at the 2003 "Bay to Birdwood" classic car run. Out of approx 1800 cars, there was just 2 Hunters entered.. My 1970 Royal. and Scotts car above





In the UK, HOLBAY H120 Engines were made available to  the Hunter Model GLS, and several other models of Chrysler/Rootes cars

had them available also.. The Sunbeam Rapier H.120 etc.. but alas, not available on the Australian market unfortunately.

Read Scott Allens story on the H.C.C.S.A. website under gallery.

Neil Cummins QLD


I took the 660 down to Queensland Raceway last Wed. to give it another run. Last time it would pull 4,200 revs in top down the straight but this time it started missing and would only get about 3,500 and it started to get very hot. I put it back on the trailer and came home. When the head came off the gasket was blown out everywhere and there was water in number 2. The main problem being a corroded head. The motor has been bored out 1 mm and has flat top pistons, also the head looks like it has been shaved a few times, so I worked out the compression ratio and it is running 14.75 : 1. A little bit much, don't you think? I believe you can get a decompression plate so I have worked out if it was 1.2mm thick it would drop it back to 11 : 1. I am getting the head welded up and resurfaced. Other than that, it handles well and is fun to drive

Hunter MKII replica of the NUMBER #75 Works HUNTER.



Excellent reproduction of Andrew Cowan's Winning Hunter... London to Sydney 1968





Compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005