The UBIQUITOUS Iranian PAYKAN... Just imagine your walking down a street... HUNTERS everywhere!! I would not mind too much, but I maybe considered

a FANATIC? It would be a great experience to go for a jaunt around Tehran in a PAYKAN taxi!

IRAN KHODRO, the national vehicle maker began to build the PAYKAN (means ARROW in the Farsi language) under license from TALBOT in 1967,

The first cars where imported as C.K.D.'s as they were here in Australia. The Iranian car maker started to make the vehicles in their own right in 1986, after the HUNTER factory at Linwood in Scotland had ceased production in 1979. The assembly line etc, in its entirety was relocated to Tehran, so that the Iranian maker had all the equipment in place to "go it alone"


Well, After all the years of manufacture, the last of the PAYKAN'S rolled off the assembly line on Sunday, 15th MAY 2005. It was the 2,295,095th Paykan to be made at the Iran Khodro plant west of Tehran.

It is the end of an era,....

A litre of petrol costs less than 5 US cents, so there is a supposed shortage of outlets selling petrol, as the profit margins are very slim. Hence the picture of all those Paykans queuing

to fill the cars petrol tanks. Taxi's, Utes and sedans everywhere... it is said that approximately 1 million Paykans are still on Iran's roads, The car maker is reported as saying they will continue to supply spare parts for at least the next 10 years. They say that parts are available just about everywhere in Iran. You cannot get something to eat, but many spares are available!!


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Compiled by John F. McRae --GOODWOOD-- South Australia July 2005