Heartfelt thanks to the talented and wonderful Aryana Orion for the amazing gift of this beautiful layout and many avatars and wallpapers. I was hoping to take the story out with a very special site design and now I have one!

Sending lots of hugs to the following people - Aimee, Aku, Alice, Anais, Analee, AryanaOrion, Bay, BelasVoice, Beth, CC, Clare, Cymoria, Daphne, Darkchild, Desta, DL, Eden, eedoe, Elma, Emily, Grace, Hilda, Holly, Hornet, Ivy, Jade, Jess, Juniper, Kathryn, Kel, Kimberly, Lau, Leah, Lee, Lily, Lizeth, Loo-c-ee, Maria, Maudy, MC, Melissa, Minda, Miyelo, Ophelia, Prue, Quiet, Rubywhirl, Sally, Samantha, SassySlayer, Sezza, Sophia, Stephanie, SueJo, Susan, Thuriniel, Tiffany, Tinwetari, Valerie, Vanyisssme, and Viz.

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