St Theodore the Sykeote

Commemorated April 22

St Theodore was born out of wedlock in Sykeon, a village of Galatia in Asia Minor. From his childhood, he was under the protection and guidance of the holy Great Martyr George, who often appeared to him, and was as it were his trainer in the hard ascetical discipline which he took upon himself all his life. After a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he became a monk in his native Galatia. About 584 AD, he was ordained Bishop of Anastasiopolis in Galatia, where he shepherded his flock for ten years. After this, he asked to be allowed to be relieved of the duties of governing the diocese. His request was granted, but he was commanded to retain his rank as Bishop. St Theodore was a great worker of miracles, and also received from God the power to cast out even the most obstinate demons, who called him "Iron-eater", because of his stern way of life. Having passed throughout many regions, worked numerous miracles, and strengthened the faithful in piety, he departed this life in 613 AD.

Dismissal Hymn (Fourth Tone)

Since you have been known from your swaddling bands to be sanctified, and have been shown to be filled with graces, you illuminated the world with miracles, and drove off the swarms of demons, O sacred minister Theodore; therefore beseech the Lord in our behalf.

Kontakion (Third Tone)

As your fiery chariot, you ascended on the virtues, O God-bearer, mounting up to the dwellings of Heaven; and you were an Angel living on earth among men, and a man dancing for joy with the holy Angles. Hence, O Theodore, you have proved a godly vessel of awesome wonders and signs.